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Since 2010, Wellness Center has provided professional exercise instruction, exceptional service at affordable pricing.

About Wellness Center

We are WELLNESS CENTER. we don’t have a long life work but only five years since 2010,but it has become one of the most famous important health clubs in Qatar, as well as have 8000 members during our current situation, Wellness did not stop on the first branch, but is wide-spread with 7 Branches with one lady fitness center as well, and during the coming months will going to open our new branches around the Doha.

Wellness strategy depends on the establishment of a group of health clubs medium-sized not less 400m & not more 1000m and select a group of distinguished coaches scientifically and technically, cover all areas of State of Qatar And especially the center of commercial & residential areas because of it’s large population and different community groups is planned for Wellness company that the number of branches reach to 15 branches by 2022 to serve every citizen in Qatar.

Why Wellness Gym

Wellness Center has Personal Trainers to support you in your quest for greater fitness and better health. Certified Personal Trainers can teach you what you need to know to create a smart fitness plan and to provide motivation, instruction, and feedback during one-on-one training for a couple of sessions or on a regular basis. We are equipped with the latest fitness technology and the most complete health and fitness experience with quality and value

Our Philosophy

We strive to be member centered and look forward to meeting you. Our commitment is to keep you excited about fitness. As a Wellness Center, we are dedicated to our members’ success. Through a wide variety of services and personalized training and programs, you will enjoy our fresh and exciting approach to fitness. Our vision of health and wellness goes beyond physical attributes and focuses on the link between mind and body. We believe that physical fitness must begin with the understanding that our health will affect all aspects of our lives and that we have complete control of our health.



Let our personal trainers tailor make personal plans to help you reach your specific goals. Join now and book your first personal training session!


Try Group Fitness! A fun and social opportunity for fitness is offered through our various group fitness classes.


aerobics will lead to the most impressive, and longest lasting improvements in body composition.


Cardiovascular workouts invite you to put your heart into slimming down and toning up!


We at Fitness World firmly believe in the age-old saying “Prevention Is Better Than Cure”. I am sure you also must be deeply conscious of the drastic change in lifestyle in the last two decades. This has almost eliminated physical activity in people due to the sedentary working style of people coupled with increasing use of junk food. As a result, obesity is increasing at an alarming rate, particularly among young people.

Changed lifestyle and food habits have obviously resulted in increase in various health complications such as work stress, cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, insomnia, etc. The unfortunate reality is that it has started affecting even the young generation, which is the future of the nation and includes future potential Olympics and other international athletic events winners. This has taken the happiness out of the lives of most people.

Fitness equipment is perceived to be an integral part of preventive health management and not a luxury anymore and is instrumental in avoiding curative therapy, which is very expensive, time-consuming, reduces national productivity and leads to debilitating long-term illnesses.

This is abundantly evident in the phenomenal increase in the number of health clubs and gyms that have mushroomed across the country, even in small towns. Health consciousness has compelled most star-rated hotels and housing societies to open gyms and exercise centers. People have started buying fitness equipment even for their personal use at homes.

Weight-lifting, weight-training, stamina-building, cardio-vascular, etc., exercises, through fitness equipment, enhance the performance of athletes to international levels and can be instrumental in producing Olympic and other international sporting events winners.

This is clearly proved by the Olympic and other international events medal tally of countries such as China, the United States, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, South Korea, etc., to name just a few, who use fitness equipment extensively.

International and national agencies such as the World Health Organization and the medical fraternity across the globe are spending astronomical amounts of funds for vigorously and proactively disseminating awareness of the ways of remaining physically and mentally healthy and fit as it not only results in longevity of life but also a comfortable and happy existence. It is important to understand that a regular exercise regimen not only results in a happy and healthy life but also contributes substantially to productivity.

I would like to encourage each one of you to keep fit and enjoy the tremendous joys of a healthy life. In the ultimate analysis, health is far more important than just wealth. That is why, we have incorporated Fitness Tips and Fitness Newsletter in our website for your benefit.

I urge upon you to subscribe to our Wellness Center Newsletter free of cost. I also invite you to Get Social through our website free of cost.

I would like to wish you all a very happy and healthy life !

Wellness Center (Spa& Health Club)
Doha – Qatar.


  • Saud Al Mahmoud

    Saud Al Mahmoud

    This is the only gym I have ever been to and the best.Once you have been around enough, you won`t call it a gym any more, but a fitness center. The staff here works as a team and ready to help you any time, right from the entrepreneurs,trainers and the reception.
  • Saheen Al Jenaidi

    Saheen Al Jenaidi

    Its been three months since I joined this gym and I must say its one of the best. Everything you find in this gym is excellent and the equipments are in a very good condition,The staff and the crowd that come here are friendly as well and its a really good environment for a work out and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a physical change.
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From the minute you first step into the gym you’ll see, feel and hear what a great atmosphere we have here at Wellness Center, from the warm welcome at the door to your fellow members and all of the Wellness gym team members.
This venture is started out of passion for fitness. Our mission is to spread the message of staying fit for a common man. So we are truly passionate about helping you achieve your fitness goals.


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ADDRESS P.O. Box : 18189, Doha - Qatar
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