1.How old do I have to be to join Wellness Center?

To join in our club, you must be 16 years old and above. To promote fitness as part of your lifestyle from early age we offer a Junior Membership with the supervision of a Personal Trainer or parent/guardian. Our Community Clubs have also family membership options where you can enjoy your time with your kids following our club guidelines.

2.How much is membership at F360/Wellness Gym?

Membership rates vary depending on the type of package that is best suited for you, corporate rates are also available. Please contact your preferred F360/Wellness gym where our staff will be happy to discuss the various membership options available. Contact us now

3.Can I put my membership on hold?

Yes you can. We call our hold option - freeze. At F360/Wellness gym, we believe that exercise is a lifelong habit however we understand that sometimes you will need a break due to personal circumstances. To accommodate that, you can put your membership on hold for a minimum of 1 month by giving us appropriate notice. For further information, please refer to our reception team. A freeze fee will be charged.

4.How do I send my feedback about your products and services?

We love to know what we're doing well so do tell us about your success stories, share your positive thoughts or tell us who in our team made a real difference! We welcome your feedback and we want to hear about ways we can assist you and answer to any concerns you may have. You can speak to any member of our club team or if you would prefer to speak with club management, please let our reception team know. If they aren't immediately available, they will ensure you are contacted as soon as possible. Alternatively, please email us your query and we will respond as a matter of urgency.