About us


We strive to be member centered and look forward to meeting you. Our commitment is to keep you excited about fitness. As Wellness Center, we are dedicated to our members’ success. Through a wide variety of services and personalized training and programs, you will enjoy our fresh and exciting approach to fitness. Our vision of health and wellness goes beyond physical attributes and focuses on the link between mind and body. We believe that physical fitness must begin with the understanding that our health will affect all aspects of our lives and that we are in complete control of our health.


Wellness centre is the most professional gym in Qatar recognized for our passion , unique heritage and experience as the authority in fitness. We inspire our members with unrivalled energy and provide the finest equipment and fitness knowledge available to help our members achieve their deemed potential.


We at Wellness center believe in the age-old saying “Prevention Is Better Than Cure”. I am sure you also must be deeply conscious of the drastic change in lifestyle in the last two decades. This has almost eliminated physical activity in people due to the sedentary working style of people coupled with increasing use of junk food. As a result, obesity is increasing at an alarming rate, particularly among young people.

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